This is who we are...

Salt Lake City, Utah-based post-hardcore/heavy rock quartet, Dream Collage, formed in 2015 with the mission to create, inspire, and activate a culture of like-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to act upon the dreams and visions that have been placed inside of them.  Known for their driving guitar riffs and anthemic choruses, Dream Collage’s music melds together a perfect blend of aggressive passion and engaging artistry. 

Dream Collage has shared the stage with known acts such as RED, The Classic Crime, VERIDIA, Random Hero, Children 18:3, Foreverlin, and Silversyde. 

Dream Collage is a band for the misfits, underdogs, and forgotten kids who have been overlooked.  “Our music is for people who have so much talent and potential buried inside of them, but have been pushed to the side or overlooked due to circumstance!  We want to draw out the good in our listeners and inspire them to act!”, says frontman Isaac David.  Members Matthew Keller, Isaac David, Andrew Porter, and Dann Magana all bring their own unique backgrounds and experiences into the band. 

In 2016 the band released its first, self-produced single, "Free The Captives", and have now recently released their debut album titled "Ripple Effect". 

Passion has no age. You are either dead or alive!”

— Isaac David